A Unique Loan Process for Your Professional Practice

Discover the Unique Practice Pathways Process for Flexible Loan Solutions with a Single Point of Contact for Dental Financing, Pharmacy Loans, Veterinary and Optometry Loans and More

The Complete Financial Solution for Practice Professionals

Choose Practice Pathways and discover financing with a quick response followed by singular support as you prep the right solution for your unique needs and embark on your path—whether you’re acquiring a practice, starting one or adding equipment or real estate. From pharmacy loans to veterinary, optometry, medical and dental financing—the right path makes all the difference!

A Unique Process to Begin Your Pathway to Greater Practice Success

1. Apply

and get an initial response within 1 business day

2. Design

your custom solution with your Pathways specialist

3. Sit back

and let Practice Pathways take care of the details, keeping you informed along the way

4. Confirm

your Practice Pathways® solution

5. Wrap up

Sign documents and receive your funds

6. Embark

on your pathway to greater practice success with your total solution

What We Consider

When you apply for a Practice Pathways solution, we look at 4 factors to determine if we can help you with your needs.


Do you have an appropriate and current professional license?


How long have you been in business and does that fit your loan type and amount requested?


What's your combined personal and business income?

Credit Rating

What’s your rating for combined individual and business performance? 

Which Path Are You Ready to Embark On?

  • Acquiring a practice
  • Starting a new practice
  • Consolidating debt or refinancing
  • Buying or leasing equipment
  • Buying real estate or building your own
  • Improving, expanding, promoting or moving your existing practice

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